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Since the 70s, the number of women employed in the Mechanical, Industrial, Technical, Trades ( MITT ) have hovered around 3.4%.

Without any real tangible progress. Progress is attainable with calculated actions. One actionable solution,

The founder of Tools & Tiaras Inc. is Judaline Cassidy. She has been successful working in construction for over twenty years as a Plumber in New York City. From the moment she started working with tools, as a Union Plumber, the unconfident, vulnerable and the feeling unworthiness of her place in this world went away. Now as a Tradeswoman she is Wonder Women, what she always wanted to be as a young girl.

Shouldn't we teach our girls and boys that jobs don't have a gender? Being the exception might be ok for some people. but for T&T no. We want professions like plumbing to be normal and excepted for women and girls everywhere. The only way that we can support women and girls, is if we whole heartily
By making a donation or becoming a monthly donor, you can, and will make a meaningful difference. Your donations will help us fund our free monthly workshops in carpentry, electrical, welding and plumbing offered to women and girls in the Greater Boston Area.

Together we can move this number that seems unmovable in the last forty years, 3% really, in almost forty years.
This should be unacceptable since we keep telling girls they can be anything they want to be.
Well...... except maybe an Engineer, Plumber, Iron Worker or President. When you inspire a girl today, you're empowering the woman she will become.
Help us Expose, Inspire and Mentor future Tradeswomen with the arsenal they need to be successful in life. This can only be done with your donations and support.
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